Integration Issues - VPS
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Integration Issues - VPS

Post by rardoe » 24 Aug 2008 11:58

Here is the scenario:
CallXpress 7.91 integrated via T1 VPS protocol, OXE 8.0.1

DID -> UA Virtual User (Dynamic State Immed. Forwarded to VM Directory No) -> AVST Subscriber w/ ESP for AA -> AA Connects -> Dial Extension

Call connects fine.

BUT..... If the above happens and the extension you dial is Immed. Forwarded to VM, the VM greeting doesn't play... it just goes straight to LiveRecord in AVST.

I think the issue is w/ VPS because the tones are different based on how the call is forwarded to VM..... any thoughts?

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Re: Integration Issues - VPS

Post by griffinem » 26 May 2011 17:18

I know this is an old post but there was an issue with the parser file in the Callxpress that had the prefix that was being sent by the OXE for immediate fwd was programmed for live record in the Alcatel VPS parser file. I was able to get AVST Tac support to write a one off parser file to change the live record prefix to immediate fwd and it worked fine.

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