Tunnel L2tpv3 7750 SR

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Tunnel L2tpv3 7750 SR

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I hope all is fine in this period.

I try to create a L2tpv3 Tunnel between Nokia 7750SR router (version 14.0R4 with ISA-MS card) and CISCO 7200 router. I don’t find a lot of documents on this subject so perhaps I missed something in those router configurations.

I join a network diagram and router configurations.
IES (public SAP) -> UP
Epipe (private SAP) -> DOWN

I don't understand why the Epipe ( private SAP) is Down whereas the public SAP is UP.

The "show router l2tp session" command shows state of Tunnel which is in first place, "wait reply". After a few minutes the status changes to closed and the peer is place in the blacklist.

Links -> https://infocenter.nokia.com/public/775 ... 2tpv3.html
-> https://infocenter.nokia.com/public/775 ... Fl2tp.html

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Tunnel L2tpv3 7750 SR

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Is the Transport Tunnel (LSP) between routers oper-up? Is the Service Tunnel (T-LDP session) between routers oper-up?

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