IP Domains / RTP Hair-pining

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IP Domains / RTP Hair-pining

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Hi, I'm not familiar with OmniPCX as it is a managed service by a vendor.
Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Enterprise (OXE) Vers-12.2 by memory

We have IP Desktop Softphone 11.4 installed on Laptops.
On the LAN there are network ACL’s that prevent data flow between the VOICE and DATA VLANs across 35 sites.
Therefore when making a call from a softphone ( to a desk phone ( there is no speech due to the ACL’s. The Call server ip address ( is accessible to both the softphone and desk phones.

To unravel the ACL’s would change our security posture and would take some time to assess and resolve. Is there any way to force the RTP stream for the Softphone to always hair-pin via the call server when talking to the desk phones?

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