Spanning Tree Question

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Spanning Tree Question

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I have two 6850 switches acting as cores (they are not in a stack); Core1 is uplinked to a Cisco Edge switch. I would like to have a failover so that if Core1 is unavailable, that Core2 will send traffic to the Cisco Edge switch; as the core switches are not in a stack though, I'm not sure how to make them aware of each other in a way that if port 1 on Core1 is up than port 1 on Core2 should be down and vice versa.

Is this possible?

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Re: Spanning Tree Question

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yes, you need Spanning tree for it. But you need the same stp-protocol/mode at all three switches. F.e. PVST+ (ALE default 1x1 can be configured to be compatible to Ciscos PVST+) or MSTP or RSTP in flat mode. If the core is the gateway too than you need vrrp at both cores.
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