SPB: create a "qinq" port and leave spb domain as q tagged?

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SPB: create a "qinq" port and leave spb domain as q tagged?

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on Omnistacks we used - customer mode,
on v6 Omniswitches we used metro services - ethernet-services with sap and cvlan's,
on Cisco: switchport mode dot1q-tunnel, access vlan xxx

I have no questions about QinQ like service in SPB domain.
service x spb,service x sap z:all and we're done.
But how to tag customer traffic with a specific vlan so that it can be handed off to different network?

End goal would be to insert everything (untagged, q tagged) from a SAP into vlan "1000",
service x sap z:1000.all will not pick up everything, as it will look only for VID 1000 in the headers.

The goal would be something like this:
device A: service x sap z:all
device B: service x sap z:1000.all

In this scenario there should be issues as SPB by default doesn't modify vlan information.
If we add xlation, that will create mess, right? (i've used it to tag/untagg and swap single dot1q)
A: 100 will become
B: 1000.100? or 1000?

Enabling xlation only on B switches service and sap?

The task:
customer port -> (tag everything with something) - spb domain -> 1000.everything -> another switch with just vlan "1000" and increased mtu -> etc. till somebody untags the vlan 1000.

Any ideas?
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