Disable IPv6 on 8028s

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Disable IPv6 on 8028s

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Hi guys,

is there a way to disable IPv6 on an 8028s.

We have set the phone IPv4 to Alcatel Dynamic and the OXO has its DHCP server configured. The phone correctly gets an IPv4 address from this DHCP.
The new internet router has DCHPv6 turned on by default and the phone is getting an IPv6 from it. Once that has occured calls from the phone to a SIP trunk have no RTP/no audio.
Tried to set IPv4 static, still accepts IPv6 from DHCP server.
IPv6 in the Network menu (i+#) only offers dynamic or static not off.

Any ideas?

The internet router is carrier provided and while we can turn DHCPv6 off, whenever they do a firmware upgrade it turns itself back on, so would prefer to turn it off in the phone.

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