TFTP on Twin CPU - OXE R11.1

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TFTP on Twin CPU - OXE R11.1

Post by Obama3112 » 10 Oct 2019 04:45

Dear all,

I have a problem and appreciate for getting the support from all of you:

I have a Duplication System OXE R11.1 on IBM Server,

We checked Tftp service for both Main and standby CPU it show like this:
Command: Chkconfig tftp --listing
- Main CPU show: tftp on
- Standby CPU show: error reading information on service tftp: no such file or directory,

Please advise if it is the default setting of OXE system or Standby CPU got error ? And how we can turn on Tftp service on Standby CPU ?

In fact the problem is, Standby CPU can handling the call when Main CPU is down, but if we unplug the phone and plug again, the phone can not download from Standby CPU because TFTP Service on Standby CPU is Not ON, the phone will say "No TfTP response", please advise how to fix,

Thank you very much,


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Re: TFTP on Twin CPU - OXE R11.1

Post by frank » 10 Oct 2019 13:30

Only the main CPU has an active tftp server running.
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