IP Multicast InterVlan IPMS L3

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IP Multicast InterVlan IPMS L3

Post by jmmcdias » 01 Oct 2019 15:18


Can any help me. I have the multicast source in the Vlan 36 and I need to pass the multicast session to the Vlan 105 in the OS6850, the routing is static, Idon't have OSPF or RIP, I put the diagram in annex, but I don't now what I need to configure.

mrouter?? in wich vlan? 36 or 105?
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Re: IP Multicast InterVlan IPMS L3

Post by silvio » 02 Oct 2019 06:32

I prefere for MC-Routing in your case DVMRP. I hope that you will find here in the forum some infos ... or in the guide.

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