1660 (3al78835aa) equico rest

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1660 (3al78835aa) equico rest

Post by woolanator » 02 Aug 2019 06:15

Hi we just got alot of alcatel 1660 equipment in our place, booting into the equico cards we can see there is alot of config still on the cards. cross connections and cards that are still equiped into the chassis. we need to completely clear these and delete all of the configuration before we can deploy them.

i was hoping someone could point me to a fast way of clearing all configuration in one go, or failing that an easy way of removing them as deleting all of the cross connections has not seemed to work for some of the cards as there is a cross connection left over from the matrixE cards we cannot remove.

thanks very much, Jamie

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Re: 1660 (3al78835aa) equico rest

Post by frank » 07 Aug 2019 21:34

Can you add a picture of the equipment ?
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