OXE without voice with IP phones

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OXE without voice with IP phones

Post by fmuianga » 12 Jul 2019 09:07

Hello everyone,
Recently we installed an Alcatel Lucent OXE system with (Two CS3 cards for high availability and two GD3 cards).
We configured the high availability of CPU CS3 and added the external lines. With this, we did an external link test using an analog telephone and it passes perfectly. When we try to use any IP phone to make a connection, whether it is internal or external, it does not pass voice in any of the terminals. That is with the IP phones does not pass voice but accepts to make the connection.

Can someone help me to solve this issue?

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Re: OXE without voice with IP phones

Post by vad » 15 Jul 2019 04:20

Voice between two IP phones - present?

Usually problem with voice in IP:
- incompatible codecs (f.e. one side use G711 another G729)
- RTP traffic routing. Not managed routing (or absent permission) between external VoIP and IP phone IP address.

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