3rd party Phone and Softphone issues

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3rd party Phone and Softphone issues

Post by AndyKu » 11 Jun 2019 06:54

Hi There

trust everyone is well?

i have an issue whereby a client has opted to go the softphone route (3rd party - Microsip)
open sip licenses have been installed and the phones register and can recieve and make calls accordingly with voice quality been 100%

The problem however is that transferring calls does not work, picking up calls in a group does not work and lastly, if the SIP extension is dynamically routed to a hunt group after a certain period or with when ringing the hunt group directly... the SIP extensions dont ringl calling them individually there is no issue.

we have also tried registring a Yealink for example, and we get the very same result.
i have also tried changing the dtmf dynamic payload to a varying number of values and still no joy

The client is running the latest / last release of version 10 R103_064

Please note: the current Alcatel IP phones that are installed work 100%... its just the 3rd party phones and softphones that are doing this.

Please help, as i have registered softphones many times before and have never experienced this.


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