Built-in Phonebook in OXO Connect

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Chase West
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Built-in Phonebook in OXO Connect

Post by Chase West » 10 Apr 2019 23:49

Does OXO Connect has built-in phonebook feature that can use by deskphones without needing to connect to external directory source like ldap or ftp?
My first time to deploy OXO Connect w/ 200pcs of 8001 sip phones. Is it possible to see the name list list of extensions on the phonebook of 8001 deskphones?
Again, the OXO without connecting to ldap.

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Re: Built-in Phonebook in OXO Connect

Post by rkraehen » 25 Apr 2019 07:10

Yes, in the system limits you can check how many Collective Speed Dial entrees are available (up to 2200). The 8001 has a local directory only. You would need an 8008 to see the names of the Collective Speed Dial.

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