High CPU Usage

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High CPU Usage

Post by Eusk » 14 Feb 2019 17:53

I have 4 omniswitch 6850 working in stack. One of them has a high CPU usage (92 %). I would like to know what is causing this high usage in stackmember 4.

I am running GA, June 23, 2011.

show running-directory: Current CMM slot :2. It asks me for the credentials when telnet to the stackmember 2( and 3( whereas the 1( and 4( directly access the kernel.

I have noticed that the ping to each of these IP addresses(127.2.x.1) takes about 1 ms, except for the stackmember4, which is quite superior (61.53,81, 4,110 .. ms). I don't know if it can be related.


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