OmniVista 8770 - How to run report?

This application replaces the OmniVista 4760
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OmniVista 8770 - How to run report?

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I want to run a report in OmniVista 8770 client to see who called a specific number. I know this is a detailed report, duration by station, and I know the query to run all based on a old report I have. My problem is I have no idea the steps to do this. If I go to applications--> reporting and browse around I see reports but I can not enter anything. It is almost like it is locked or something.

Can someone provide a step by step from start to finish or direct me to documentation that provides how to do this? My experience level with OmniVista is very basic as I only use it for configuration changes to users.

Server and client is 8770.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: OmniVista 8770 - How to run report?

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still looking for help on this issue ?

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Re: OmniVista 8770 - How to run report?

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To run a report, in the Reports module, select a predefined report from the list of Predefined reports, for example "Cost by station" in Accounting/Detailed reports.
Right click on it and select "Copy" from the menu.
Then go to your 8770 account, for example "AdminNmc", and paste it the same way.
Then select the report that has appeared, right click on it and select "generate".

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