6465 enable POE

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6465 enable POE

Post by Navap » 16 Aug 2019 01:08

In alcatel6465 industrial switch the Poe command not working.. its showing power supply not configured.cinfigure it using power supply command.
Even I try command power supply enable 1.. error: command not working in this platform..
What is the solution and command for enable Poe on this?

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Re: 6860E vf-link-mode issue

Post by silvio » 16 Aug 2019 01:31

Hi Navap,
hello in the forum. Please open a new thread (new topic) for a new question. Your is very different to this thread (and the wrong switch-type).6465 is Rel. 8 - maybe you know up to now only Rel. 6 switches (f.e. 6350/6450). So look into the cli-guide for R8-Switches. And you will find "lanpower service start slot ...."
best regards

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Re: 6465 enable POE

Post by Tommy124 » 27 Aug 2019 02:12

powersupply <number> name <string> type [ale/phoenix-contact/ third-party] wattage <75-185>
powersupply enable <slot>

The wattage part is only for the third party type, otherwise it is 24-48vdc or hi-ac or lo-ac

after this you should be able to enable POE

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