map management IP to SPB service

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map management IP to SPB service

Post by bartsalien » 28 Nov 2018 05:38


We are setting up an SPB network, and I am looking for some optimisations.
On the BCB switches which are OS6900, there are no VLANs or IP interfaces configured, except the Management IP interface.
In the current configuration we need to configure a loop (hairpin) between a SAP port and a 802.1q trunk port where the management VLAN is configured.

Is there a way I could eliminate this hairpin, and maintain the possibility of managing the switch remotely?
Or is it possible to map a management IP directly to a SPB service?



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Re: map management IP to SPB service

Post by silvio » 28 Nov 2018 16:17

Only with OS9900 and OS6900V72/C32 there is inline routing within SPB possible (bind ip interface to an service). For all other switches you need an other solution. You can create an overlay network (outside of SPB) only for management. You need only one hair pin (so only at one switch) to reach this network. Without this overlay net you need hair pin at every switch.

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