UAI16 card issue ?

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UAI16 card issue ?

Post by dj831 » 26 Oct 2018 03:24

Hi everyone,

We've got at work an OmniPCX Office medium (2 rows) that worked flawlessly ... until a person had to move from one location ot another one. Someone had the (bad) idea to swap patch cable connected to dedicated port of UAI16 card to somewhere on the patchpanel where cabling is done.

Since then, the line itself is stuck: any phone connected to that line is 'stuck' in firmware (firmware version displayed at the top line of the display) - sorry for the explanation, but I'm completely new to Alcatel products (I'm a Cisco geek). Furthermore, I have NO access to configuration of the product. To be able to, I have to follow a paid training first - planned in very close future, but I have to sort this issue ASAP.

Hence the (newbie :)) questions :
  • It seems that line card is defective (hardware issue). Is this possible to have such an issue, since phone seems powered?
  • I have a decommissioned OmniPCX, that have an UAI16 card. First idea is to retrieve UAI16 card from that former device, and reuse it to actual device. Is configuration of phone/lines stored on CPU card only, or is there a kind of config stored on that card too, rendering a swap of cards useless? (that is, needing a configuration)
  • Now question about replacement of UAI16 line card itself: is it hot swappable, or not?
  • If linecard is not hot swappable, I have to power off PABX first. Are there some known issues where a device does not restart when powered off then on? That since I've no access to configuration at all (yet) ...
Thanks everyone for your help on that issue!

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Re: UAI16 card issue ?

Post by KoenC » 10 Nov 2018 18:07

Dear DJ831

* it would be very odd to create a hardware failure on that port, simply by disconnecting the cable, no ??? :)
* the configuration of the card and ports is stored in the memory of the PBX, not on the card. So you can swap the hardware
* yes, it's hot swappable
* power off by clicking on the power button on the CPU card, the button will be then on the same level as the front panel in "off mode", wait untill al red lights stop blinking en continue burning red. Now repush the power button and wait 10 minutes. You just did your first hot reboot :)

Good luck
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Re: UAI16 card issue ?

Post by Stelcom66 » 26 Nov 2018 13:09

I've heard of situations where a neighboring port with a defective phone or cable fault can cause a port not to come up. Not sure if being stuck at showing the firmware version is typical.

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