VOIP lines disconnecting after 15 Min

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VOIP lines disconnecting after 15 Min

Post by AndyK » 06 Aug 2018 03:50

Hi All

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Just query I have regarding an OXO release 10.3 where the VOIP provider is passing blame to the PBX whereby if a call is made, after 15 min on the dot, the call disconnects... this is happening on all extension and not just a few.
there are no OCD limits specified on any of the extensions, and nowhere under the VOIP parameters can I find a option for the call to disconnect after a certain period of time.
I have asked for a trace but as always, the VOIP provider is conveniently been un-cooperative

is there anywhere else I can look to see if indeed it is the PBX disconnecting the calls?


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Re: VOIP lines disconnecting after 15 Min

Post by cavagnaro » 06 Aug 2018 08:55

Could be a missing response to a packet you send. Do a Wireshark capture and you will have to check that all sent packages do receive their proper Ok and ACK.
If not, then a timer in your OXO triggers and make call be released.
Weird is that it is 15 min, normally this should be only 1 to 5 minutes in common scenarios.
Again, only a trace capture will open more ideas

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Re: VOIP lines disconnecting after 15 Min

Post by mgoegel » 09 Aug 2018 08:13


Session timer is by default on 720 minutes in your sip gateway.
You have to set it to 15.

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