IAA - Directory Entry

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IAA - Directory Entry

Post by junoooni » 12 Jul 2018 08:07

Hi All

I need to create an auto attendant in IAA as below:
A voice guide will play asking caller to dial extension if they know the number or press 0 for operator, if caller does not press any digit, announcement will play twice and then go to operator at 0...

i understand i need to use leaf type Directory Entry and selecting release will achieve the routing to 0 in case caller does not select anything...how do i make IAA accept 0 to route to operator? my extensions are 3 digits, will IAA route if only 1 digit is pressed?

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Re: IAA - Directory Entry

Post by mustafa.ahmad » 16 Jul 2018 08:59

you will need to create the operator as extension 0, then the call will go to operator,

if u make 0 as prefix to go to attendant, the call will not go to operator by pressing 0.

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