LinkIT SFP between OS6450 and Cisco 2960-L

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LinkIT SFP between OS6450 and Cisco 2960-L

Post by Kavring83 » 25 Jun 2018 09:54

Hi everyone.

We are having a real headscratcher here.. We are trying to activate an SFP trunk between an Alcatel OS6450-P48 and a Cisco 2960-L series 48P switch. However, no matter what we try the link will not activate. Both the OS6450 and 2960-L registers the SFP, but the link itself will not activate.

Other trunk combination we try from the OS6450, is working fine! We have tried trunking to a Dell N1548P, no problems, and also to a Cisco Catalyst 2960-C series with no problems. We are using the same SFP (LinkIT SFP-GE-LX-C) and fiberpatch cable.

Likewise from the 2960-L switch, trunking fine to both the Dell and the 2960-C without any issues.

However, the OS6450 and 2960-L will not talk to each other, no matter what we try. I have no idea what is going on here. Any suggestions on what we can do here? Thanks :)

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