OXE 4400, E1, DID , Destination out of order

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OXE 4400, E1, DID , Destination out of order

Post by Uzair » 23 Jun 2018 05:04

We are connecting a thirdparty exchange "A" in Alcatel 4400 OXE Network through E1.

For E1 settings
Exchange A is set as Qsig GF User Side
Alcatel OXE 4400 is set as ABC-F Network side

Alcatel 4400 and Exchange A can dial the extensions on both sides on T2 E1 after setting the proper routes in Translator. DTO Joining is NO. Connection COS 5 is enabled , Overlap Dialing is Yes.

Now PSTN DID is connected to alcatel. Through DID the alcatel connections can be reached. However when Exchange A number comes through PSTN DID connected to alcatel we get the message "Destination out of Order" from Alcatel t3 trace.
PSTN DID is connected through E1 to Alcatel using ISDN protocol.

We are not able to use ISO mode or change a lot of parameters since its a huge network and Organization we are providing solution to is reluctant to try different settings in fear of disrupting thier service.

I would really appreciate any help regarding this issue.


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Re: OXE 4400, E1, DID , Destination out of order

Post by vad » 24 Jun 2018 23:23

What about t3 trace?

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