1850-TSS-5C con port connection problem

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1850-TSS-5C con port connection problem

Post by Berndt » 08 Jun 2018 04:10


I try to use a 1850 Transport Service Switch 5 compact switch. When set power on, the act LED blinking for a while, after that the alarm LED is on.
I want to get access into the management console to figure out the problem.
To get access to the mgnt I have to configure a static ip route via the con port and hyperterminal.
The con port is USB used as serial. So I need a usb to serial. I don't have that cable. So I tried serveral usb to serial adapters and serveral hyperterminal, but doesn't work.

Where can I buy this cable / adapter, or how do I have to set the pins with an own build.

Thank you very much.

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