SIP Ext GW problem

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Re: SIP Ext GW problem

Post by MartinB » 08 Jun 2018 04:27

Yes I did both ways. Via ippstat menu/option 15

and with the command ippstat telnet d XXX t 1440

but neither cannot enable mirror

However I managed to get outbound working fine. Incoming still has 1 way speech but working on it now

Outbound problem was:

I had: Outbound Calls 100 REL + Supported on my external Gateway as that was a request from them in original spec document.

So when call is established I have following happening:
100 trying
183 session description from them
PRACK from me
401 from them
183 from them
183 from them
183 from them
Cancel from me
200 ok from them
487 request terminated from them
ACK from me

Problem was in their 183 Session progress they send "Require: 100rel

The PABX then responds with a PRACK (As they asked for it in the Progress message)

Then they send 401 Unauthorized, and keep on sending 183 messages after that but pabx does not respond witk ACK as it was not authorized and then the call cuts.

So I disabled the PRACK feature on SIP trunk and call works fine.

(This morning when I checked new traces I saw they removed the Required: Rel100 request from their Session Progress in the night. :lol: )

Problem was on their side as OXE reacted exactly the way they requested but then they send 401.

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Re: SIP Ext GW problem

Post by cavagnaro » 08 Jun 2018 05:24

Nice work :)

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Re: SIP Ext GW problem

Post by MartinB » 08 Jun 2018 07:47

Now I still have a problem with inbound calls.
My SDP is correct and on second invite I send the IP address of the phone which will handle the RTP but they keep connection to the GD only as that was the first IP they got invite from
Ringing: (GD/GA)
Re-Invite: (Phone)

I tried changing SDP settings on my SIP ext Gw parametres but it does not help...
Awaiting feedback from them....

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SIP Ext GW problem

Post by tgn » 08 Jun 2018 15:24

what sdp parameters do you mean.
have you tried „sdp in 18x == false“. it will switch early media to false and the 1st sdp will come in 200 ok with ip address of the ip phone. but provider have to support this...

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