Can't boot 6850

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Can't boot 6850

Post by strelok » 18 May 2018 04:17

Hi !

We have problem with booting switch 6850.
Every time boot process stopped at message: /flash/ - Volume is OK
And that's it.

We tried to boot miniboot, but the same situation: booting process stopped at message "/flash/ - Volume is OK"

No any erros in logs.

I attached log from console.

Any ideas, guys ?
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Re: Can't boot 6850

Post by silvio » 19 May 2018 03:42

to not stop at miniboot you have to change the bootflag back to 0x0.
If than the switch is not loading the AOS-image from certified the image at the flash is missing or corrupt. You have than to go to miniboot again. There you have the possibility to make a recovery. Depending from your hardware and miniboot you can use USB or need Xmodem.....
You will find some post for both ways here in the forum (it is similar for all omniswitches R6).

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