please need your help setting up

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please need your help setting up

Post by theghost » 17 May 2018 14:38


It was all fine, but unfortunately (maybe my mistake, maybe some power failure, not sure what happenet, but i need now some help configuring OXO.
could you please tell the step-by-step for the following algo for incoming external calls

1. Somebody dials into - using analog line
2. This person hears prerecorded welcome message "Hello, you dialed ... company, press internal number, if you know it using tone, or zero if not, to secretary, or wait for secretary answer".
3. While this message played station listens for internal dialtone, if dialed - transferring to local number that has been dialed, if not dialed or dialed "zero" - transferring to 110 (that is secretary).
Software licence: AA is not available, 4 messages are available.

Right now the external call is transferred unconditionally to secretary (110) - this number is set alone in (belongs to) *540 group, and for each analog external line "call-distribution" is made for this *540 group. So incoming call redirected to 540, which contains only one local number. I tried to add to this group MSG1 and 110 , it is played, but after message it hangs up, instead of redirection to 110. It is set a Parallel mode in this group.

Please help since there are 16 incoming lines and secretary is one poor girl :)

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