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Re: copy start-up to running config

Post by Stoffen » 17 Apr 2018 04:43

I dont think you can modify this, as this will be a flaw in the security scheme of the SROS.
Any commands pushed by exec will be executed as if you configured it manually with the user rights of the current user.

However there was a flaw some time ago, where you could access some config you should not been able to.
If you move to \configure service
and from
there do \configure system security , you could actually enter the context even if your user was prohibited.
I do belive this is fixed in SROS15.
So if you want to change this settings, you need to modify the current configuration.
This can be done by: file vi config.cfg

Use VI to edit the config.cfg file, save and reboot.

Or, the best way, get someone with appropriate access to change the security settings for your user.

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