Tandem ring extension on Cell Phone

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Tandem ring extension on Cell Phone

Post by meecrob247 » 05 Oct 2017 11:04


I am new to Alcatel so I was looking for some setup help. We are using OXE 11.2 / OmniPCX 8770 Rel 2.6 / 4645 voice mail.

I have a request to have a person's extension (i.e. 3700) to also ring their cell phone to answer because the extension where they were at is now unavailable and will be mobile. We used to have this setup for another user where there was remote extension configured with Tandem dial or something. I forgot exactly how it was setup. Any help I would appreciate, thanks.

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Re: Tandem ring extension on Cell Phone

Post by cavagnaro » 05 Oct 2017 12:10

Search the forum. Create a remote extension user and define the external number it will call. Then add it as tandem of main set

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