A law to Mu law conversion

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A law to Mu law conversion

Post by beirut » 26 Aug 2015 14:20

Is it possible configuring a shelf with GD Media gateway and ISDN T2 A Law , connected to an OXE 11.0.1 Appliance server configured for mu law in the US?

Same question, using SIP trunk with A law, connected to OXE in Mu law
I know from release 11, it has been added a feature.

Will the OXE do the law conversion with carriers?

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Re: A law to Mu law conversion

Post by Split » 27 Aug 2015 18:13

Before R11 you must use 2 oxe and connect them with a abc-f link in R11 ist possilbe to use 2 Media Gateway one with a-law and the other with mu-Law ....but i am not sure if already R11.0 or R11.1
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Re: A law to Mu law conversion

Post by alaint73 » 31 Aug 2018 21:24

just as a follow up to this,
I have a customer with node in Europe ( using A-Law) and would like to have a brand new OXE in US ( Seattle) that would be interconnected with Europe via ABC-F IP Trunk.

ABCF-IP is managed between US and the European Node as seeing below.

Eg: Node1(us)--------ABC-F IP Trunk-------Node2(France)

On US Node ( which will be utilizing Mu-Law) should i need to have a dedicated Shelf ( with dedicated GD-3) that would be handling A-law to mu-law conversion and vice versa ?
Because calls coming from Europe Node across the ABC-F IP Trunk will arrive in US on the Node in A-Law G711, and it needs to be converted on my US node in Mu-Law.
Thus my initial incline was to have a separated Common-Hardware Shelf with GD-3 that would only be terminating the ABC-F2 IP trunk and handling conversion back and forth.
but someone from ALE tech support told me that such dedicated Rack is not needed, and that it would automatically detect A-Law and convert in Mu-Law.
is that accurate? please your input would be very much appreciated.
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Re: A law to Mu law conversion

Post by tot3nkopf » 11 Sep 2018 14:36

No. Support already answered your question. You can also check the topic in the system documentation.

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