MSAD connectivity issues

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MSAD connectivity issues

Post by cmt » 05 Dec 2010 17:42

Hi all

New to the forum and appreciate some help using MSAD connector

We have a large network spread out of many locations and as a result our AD structure has multiple nodes.

Our AD directory looks something like

top - pimp - loc1
- loc2
- ....
- test - loc1
- loc2
- .......

MSAD LDAP connection is not connecting to the correct forest (pimp).

When the request is send It looks like it connects to the root of the forest and requests the structure from there.

Using wireshark to capture the requests
You Can see the bind request here, using the admin account.
LDAP bindRequest(1) "CN=admin,OU=ServiceAccounts,OU=cccc,DC=pimp,DC=pike,DC=pi" simple

We get a successful reply:
LDAP bindResponse(1) success

But the requested info is then from top and not from pimp:
LDAP searchRequest(2) "DC=top,DC=pike,DC=pi" singleLevel

We need requested info from pimp not from top as this is tightly secured for our network and access is restricted and this connection currently returns nothing when connected to AD.

How the request is actually made?

Can we modify the request so that it does not connect to the root node but to the secondary level pimp?

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Re: MSAD connectivity issues

Post by robm » 26 Jan 2011 03:55


I used ldp.exe to test the connection to the MSAD.
After that I used the information to set up the connections in the MSAD synchro tool.

ldp.exe can be found here: ... es/ldp.htm

Hope it helps.
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