User load extremely slow

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User load extremely slow

Post by ssteiner »

I've just recently started taking a closer look at the maintenance section. And noted that my O2G, despite having ran for weeks, was still showing PbxInfo.loaded = false.
So I figured I'd restart it and see what's what. And now, it takes forever. 5 minutes in, I was at 10 users. Another 3 minutes later, 13. While I was writing this message, the counter moved by a whopping 0 (Zero!) users. So, assuming I Had written my app to look if all users have been loaded, I'd be waiting forever until actually starting to subscribe for CTI events.

Any ideas?
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Re: User load extremely slow

Post by Plassard »

The origin of the problem is an incoherence in OXE DB in the relationships main/tandem in one of the Subscriber.
It leads to an exception at O2G level when the user are loaded, which block all the loading.
The origin of the DB incoherence is not known.
Fixed in O2G by introducing a defense.
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