RSSI @ AP-1101

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RSSI @ AP-1101

Post by maxmania » 09 Aug 2018 17:25

I need to adjust the rooming level, but I can't understand the value adjust, for example, I have 3 AP installed 10 meters one from the other, and my PC link to AP1 (I can see it from ap web interface) I travel across the other 2 AP, but I can't room ( I set the 802.1r option on), and my connection change from 5GHz band to 2 GHz band, but never from AP. the RSSI Threshold and romming are set by default (zero). How this value work's?
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Re: RSSI @ AP-1101

Post by sirmanhhung » 23 Aug 2018 03:35

Stellar AP which operate on express mode jus support roamming on same network (SSID)
-On Performance Optimization: Band Steering On, Prefer 5Ghz
-On Create New WLAN : 802.1r On
Finnaly, follow the advising from the Alcatel, you should upgrade newest firmware for roamming feature.
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