OS6865 : no more interfaces, and "Please wait..."

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OS6865 : no more interfaces, and "Please wait..."

Post by nerd »

Hello all,

i've tried to setup a stack of 2 OS685, that was ok but a few hours later the slave OS6865 was not seen from the master, stackin interfaces down.
When connecting with console on the (ex slave) the cli outputs look like there is no more interfaces, that the shelf is still in a slave status ; some cli commands give no answer ("Please wait..." and nothing else).

-> show interfaces alias
Slot/ Admin Link WTR WTS Alias
Port Status Status (sec) (msec)

-> show microcode
Package Release Size Description
Uos.img 8.7.277.R01 265886676 Alcatel-Lucent OS

-> show virtual-chassis topology
Legend: Status suffix "+" means an added unit after last saved topology

Local Chassis: 1
Oper Config Oper
Chas Role Status Chas ID Pri Group MAC-Address
1 Unassigned Init 1 100 0 00:00:00:00:00:01

-> sh health
ERROR: Health Monitor info not available on Slave Chassis.

-> show chassis
Please wait...

Is there a way to recover or to set to factory default ?

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Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: OS6865 : no more interfaces, and "Please wait..."

Post by silvio »

for factory defaults - delete both the vc-files within working and certified. Than reload the switch from working without saving it before.
best regards
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