Migration from 8440 MS R5 to OTMC R2.5

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Migration from 8440 MS R5 to OTMC R2.5

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We have a running 8440 MS running on Release 5.0 . It is integrated with OXE R12.3 . There were few upgrades in the last few years, but nobody migrated/upgraded the 8440 server. Now, it has stopped working ( Not sure when, but the client has reported it recently )

Presently, our company has support contract and we have to migrate 8440 to OTMC. I have gone through the Installation Manual of OTMC R2.3 , there is a procedure to migrate 8440, but the Manual of OTMC R2.5 does not have the migration section.

Can anybody advise on this on how to proceed ?

Or share necessary TCs to go through.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Migration from 8440 MS R5 to OTMC R2.5

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Hi @ mustafa.ahmad

I am just started migration from 8440 to OTMC R2.3 (having this License).

2 days ago I directly formatted the 8440 (not done the decommissioning) and installed OTMC 2.3
I strictly followed all the procedures of otmc2.3_im_instalmanual_8AL90120USAF_1_en.pdf and completed all the configuration steps.

After placing in production I am getting below OTMC synchronization errors on NMS 8770,
Error 1) TUI Voice Mail Could not map FQDN to IP address.
Error 2) Media Configuration Error information from OT.
Error 3) OT site Could not map FQDN to IP address
Error 4) Synchronisation of OT failed.

By this time you could have completed the OTMC Installation. Can anyone help me out for my issues..,
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