PTP With Linux Implementations

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PTP With Linux Implementations

Post by divaor »

Hi, i have a 7705 SAR-M and i need to configure PTP as a slave, is there any way to make a Linux box my grandmaster clock, with PTPd or ptp4l implementations? I tried configuring it but i can't seem to make it work. Is this even possible? Thanks in advance

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Re: PTP With Linux Implementations

Post by Dave_De_Toad »

it should be possible, I have done it with the help from NOKIA in the reverse direction, 7705 SAR-8 as Master and Linux (CentOS 6.7) Server as Slave.

My requirement was to used the 7705 PTP to time the Linux Server to provide NTP to device that does not support PTP and keep everything on the same time

The Linux box NIC needs to be able to do "Software Timestamping"!
you can verify with the Linux command : ethtool -T eth"x"
My HP DL380 on-board NIC does not support that feature, i had to add a new NIC to the server.

My Linux server use ptp4l.
the /etc/sysconfig/ptp4l needs to be modify to use the new NIC
-i eth"x"
the /etc/ptp4l.conf needs to be modify also
logSynInterval : -6 (to match the SAR)
network_transport : L2
time_stamping : software

The 7705 SAR uses the PTP Clock CSM, I believe SROS 7.0 is required for this clock, my SAR are 7.0.R7
the Clock CSM needs to be configured
clock-type : in your set-up ordinary slave or boundary if you will pass the PTP to other devices
priority1 : the master needs to have a lower priority
priority2 : same as 1
port 1/x/y : not all MDA on the 7705 SAR-8 support this, my A8-ETH does not, so i had to use A8-PMC, hopefully the SAR-M does!

Hope this helps


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