7705 SARA A upload/save config file

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7705 SARA A upload/save config file

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Hallo all,

Does anyone have time to write commands for
the easiest and correct way to upload cfg file to 7705?
So I have a new 7705 and a specific cfg file for it.
I want to upload it and save it for use in 7705 as the default cfg in the future.
Thanks in advance
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Re: 7705 SARA A upload/save config file

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Since you want to upload it, I assume you want to enable FTP server or similar on the 7705.
You can do something like this:

/configure system security
user <username> access ftp (console snmp) * make sure you don't remove console if this is the ssh/telnet user
user <username> home-directory cf3:\

Use FTP to upload the file to cf3.

Change BOF to boot from this file: bof primary-config cf3:\yourconfig.cfg

\bof save

The next time the device reboots, it will boot from that file.
But be aware, you need to make sure the file is flawless in terms of configuration.
If you forget an "exit" statement, or add one to many, the config file will fail during load, and you might have a totally useless system.

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Re: 7705 SARA A upload/save config file

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Alternatively, assuming that you have console access, just cut and paste the config file into place. Once you have cut and paste everything into place and it appears to be working, log out and then back in before performing an 'admin save' to save it to the default config file location. The reason I suggest logging out and then back in, if if your config file has a new password for the admin user or deletes the admin user, you can confirm you still have access and if not, a quick reboot will allow you too try everything again.
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