OXE and TSAPI server IP recording problem.

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OXE and TSAPI server IP recording problem.

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Now OXE and TSAPI server connecting with CSTA.

So This problem is concerned with OXE and TSAPI server not record system.

I explained the problem again and another new things

When OXE connecting with TSAPI then TSAPI client excute for ip phone monitoring.

So cstatst32.exe excute below flow.

1. send message -> connect server => ok

2. Escape/Maintenace -> Escape Service register Request -> Service Version ID : 10 (third party)

3. Send Message -> Monitor Device -> Device ID (Insert Agent ID Number) => OK

4. Voice Services -> Start IP Recording -> Recorded Device : Agent ID Number
Logger IP Address : record server IP
Port 1 : 11015 , Port 1 : 11016

But error indicated...

I attaching the file (error.jpg)


Why did indicated the this error log ?

Also I attaching the OXE Config ?

And When I testing the my office. Office configuration environment is same this site.

My office tsapi client is normal. And Between this site and my office are different point.

That is cstainfo.

Cstainfo -> DR_Link IP recording is not same between this site and my office.

What is DR_Link IP recording function ? maybe this feature is concern with registrated directory number or agnet number ?

This problem is urgent. Our schedule is vert tite.

I hope answer about it.
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Re: OXE and TSAPI server IP recording problem.

Post by paddyr2 »

even if quite old....stepped over it:

130 CSTA voice recording type = 2

recording license for anyithing else where NICE systems = 10 ... so the coude would have been 234.

And ip recording licenses are not shown and phone and pbx must be configured properly..and RTP ports have to be even, not odd...

I am sure I forgot some other issues...
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