8088 smartcusto application

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8088 smartcusto application

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Hi guys,
I hope this is the right forum to post my issue with.
what is need is this,, i have a OXE R12.3 in hotel mode, and there are 8088 sets configured in rooms. all is running good but now the end user is asking me to remove all (accept the dial key) keys from the main page and only have 5 customized keys. i can do that individually but is there any other way to create a customizer file and then upload it to all the phones. i have downloaded the smartcuso and tried but its so hard to understand it and as usual the manuals' are so complicated.

can some one help me in guiding on how to customize the main page, i dont want to add pics and stuff, just delete unwanted keys and have 5 personal keys dialing speed dial numbers...

thanks in advance.
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