DHCP on Omnisound AVA

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DHCP on Omnisound AVA

Post by trjdj » 01 Apr 2014 11:50


Our IP-phones (4038, 4068) all use DHCP and get an option 43 reply from our DHCP server 0302 XXXX FF, where XXXX is the hex code for the vlan ID. This all works like a charm. We have mulitple subnets and multiple vlan ID's for different buildings...all work fine.

Now we have the IP Conference phones, the 4135. the problem is, they don't seem to understand the option 43. Meaning they don't get the VLAN assigned, which ends up in the conference phones with a data-subnet configuration (no vlan, so default vlan) instead of a voice subnet configuration.

Does someone knows how to get this working. Do the 4135 use different vendor codes (0302)....I know the conference phones are the same as avaya conference phones...so maybe I need use another option 43 for them....


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