Configuration of external DHCP without AVA

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Configuration of external DHCP without AVA

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I am strugling with a scenario which I cannot get to work.

External DHCP (MS2008 based) where option 66 is used for PXE boot of PC's.
There is only 1 vlan (untagged) on the switches.

IpTouch phone must be booted into this vlan and get specific tftp server address.

I have tried following on DHCP server:
1. Defined vendor class to alcatel.noe.0
2. Set vendor option 66 to CS-IP (and hostname) - result from DHCPACK: Suboption 66: Bad suboption length
3. Set vendor option 64 to CS-IP - result from DHCPACK: Spartial Redundancy TFTP: <CS-IP> - no change on ipphone.
4. Removed vendor options 64 and 66. Set scope option 43 to include both option 64 and 66 (in hex values) - same result as above
5. Removed scope option 43. Set scope option 64 to CS-IP - DHCP option not sent in DHCPACK
6. Removed vendor class. DHCP option 64 is not sent in DHCPACK.

Easiest way would be to put lanpbx.cfg on PXE tftp server, but that is not really a solution, but a work around.

Question is, does anyone outthere have any ideas on how to progress with this??
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Re: Configuration of external DHCP without AVA

Post by jasic »

you need option 67 too

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Re: Configuration of external DHCP without AVA

Post by trjdj »

We use option 43 (vendor specific code) on our DHCP servers, meaning if the DHCP server recognizes the phone as an Alcatel phone, it gives back the VLAN XXX. The phone reboots again now with the VLAN XXX set. On the (routing) switch we have an IP-helper pointing towards the OXE DHCP server and will supply all the information to the requesting set.

Hope it helps!

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