CPU6 Redundancy Clarification

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CPU6 Redundancy Clarification

Post by Rav » 05 Aug 2016 01:37

Hi, We have two CPU6. The IP of CPU in Slot 6 is, IP of CPU in Slot 20 is and the Role IP address is Currently, the Main CPU is Slot 20 CPU with the IP address

Now when there power resets and the suppose both the CPU6 come on together, is it correct that the CPU with a higher IP address will become the Main. This would mean that the CPU with the IP address becomes the main even though in Slot 6 while the CPU in Slot 20 will become the Standby.
Also the Preferred CS @IP (redundancy) is not configured as well.

If suppose, we put the Preferred CS@IP (redundancy) =, then even though Slot 20 has a lower IP address, it will always become the Main CS while then the CPU in Slot 6 with a Higher IP address will always be the Standy-By.



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