What is current version of USB Driver

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What is current version of USB Driver

Post by bec » 26 Feb 2018 16:56

We are having huge trouble loading the 4059 attendant on Win10 PC. We have stripped off all corporate policies and just loaded the vanilla Win10 Image. Still we get an error when starting 4059 that the keyboard isn't recognised. We have bought 'new' keyboards as we are aware that keyboards that worked on Win7 wont' work on Win10.
The Ref no on the keyboard is 3AK17154ABJD. We are told that the D at the end indicates it should work on Win10. (Our previous keyboards had C)

What is the latest driver for these keyboards? We are wondering if we don't have the latest version?

The version of 4059 setup tool that we have is I don't have admin rights on the machine to show the version of USB driver we have installed. If someone can help me with this I'll get admin rights and sort it out.


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