how to create Hot Line

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how to create Hot Line

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Hello everyone. Alcatel is new for me before that I have experience of Siemens EMS-601 exchange that is too old . Kindly let me know what to after i open secureCrt and connect then login with mtcl username and password.
then i just know one command mgr after that what to do for making hotline between extensions 2015 & 2016.
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Re: how to create Hot Line

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USER management

xte l.Facility Category Id : 30 # connection to activate ofhook service type x
x Connection Category Id : 16 # if you wish or not to set can be called by other phone , in my case only other meber of the hot line can call it
Routing Table : 20
# YOU CAN ALSO MANAGE EXTENAL COS idf ou wish or not external incoming call

facilities manMagement
cos =30
Routing Mode At Off Hook + Direct Routing

routing table management
Specific Telephone Services/down
Routing Table
ode Number (reserved) : 1 x
x Instance (reserved) : 1 x
x Routing No. : 20 x
x x
x Call Number : A401 x
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Re: how to create Hot Line

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mgr> Specific Telephone Services> Descend Hierarchy> Routing Table> Create> Routing No: xx (8); Call Number:4466(Extension)> again: Routing No: 9; Call number 4467> User> go to extension as like 4466 and set put routing table 9 as like for 4467 routing table no: 8
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