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Conference Call

Posted: 01 Aug 2018 07:19
by junoooni

I m looking for a conference solution within OXE (ad-hoc and/or scheduled), it will be a new OXE with R12.2, requirement is:

1- Maximum 12 Users in one conference or it can be 4 simultaneous conference calls with 3 participant each or 3 with 4 participant each and so on. idea is to have multiple conference instances provided total no. of all conference instances does not go above 12....

2- External users should be able to dial-in - e.g. 1 dedicated DID number and people internally or externally can dial-in to get into conference.

I checked documentation for Casual, Mastered, and Meet-Me Conference but got a bit confused

- Casual conference cannot have dial-in functionality so it is almost ruled out.
- Mastered conference - couldn't find if people can dial-in or is it only convened by master (i.e. who inititated call)
- Mastered conference- if I select 1 x Mastered conference with 29 parties, can it achieve multiple conference instances?
- Mastered confernece - can we have a passcode to enter confernece? Can it be changed? Can we have multiple passcodes for multiple conference instances happening at same time?
- Meet-Me Conference - From documentation and forums, i understand that it does not allow to have a pre-configured passcode. Initiator decides password and if a caller input a wrong passcode, OXE create new conference fir that caller.

P. S.
In Avaya, there is a default Meet-Me Conference Feature which allows 6-Party conference wherein all participants can dial a pre-configured number and system will ask them to enter passscode, if passcode is correct caller will enter conference if not, system can prompt to enter passcode again. It also play messaged to let caller know if conference already started or is he/she first paticipant or if conference is already reached to its maximum capacity.

Do we have any such functionality?

Re: Conference Call

Posted: 01 Aug 2018 20:39
by oldboy
Opentouch is the answer you need

Re: Conference Call

Posted: 02 Aug 2018 03:50
by junoooni
oldboy wrote:
01 Aug 2018 20:39
Opentouch is the answer you need
thanks Oldboy.... i explored that option but cost plus it require another server and doesn't support Hyper-V for virtualization... competition is offering something in-built that is why wanted to ask if any other option?