OXE Wbm / Web Management

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OXE Wbm / Web Management

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I noticed some years ago, that our OXE includes a web-ui on port 443:
SO far so good. I reverse engineered the REST API to let users set/edit their Programmed Keys and Forwarding. I want to go a step further and want to retrieve missed calls etc.

Iam asking for an "official" REST-API documentation for that API. Does AL published such documents or is this API not to be meant to used by 3rd party apps? If not, exists some other endpoint to get those data?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: OXE Wbm / Web Management

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Hmm, don't you need a license to run REST API? Never checked that. Also thought that you need O2G VM for that functionality with OXE.
There are some docs about REST API in OmbiPCX Record documentation.

For full documents' set you need to register as a developer https://api.dspp.al-enterprise.com/open ... -services/
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