Get data from table POSTE

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Get data from table POSTE

Post by kaseOga »

Hi guys!

I have this code:

cdmao;(echo "SELECT nulog FROM POSTE WHERE numan='5512204';"|cuser|grep "\--"|grep -v nulog|cut -c5-11;)|while read poste_id;do echo "SELECT key_id,genrtou,chiftp, sonsurson, mnemo, order_mla, key_mla FROM KEYBOARD WHERE poste_id='$poste_id';"|cuser|grep -v key_id|grep -v mnemo|grep -v Hit|tr -s ' ';done

with this show all keyboard from 1 mcdu, but i want 1 line x register, how to do ???

thank you!!

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Re: Get data from table POSTE

Post by tgn »

did you mean...

you'll want the output of only 1 key from this mcdu?

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