Two VLAN one trunk

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Two VLAN one trunk

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I want to configure a Alcatel Lucent switch with two VLAN and one trunk port to a pfSense firewall.
I did basically this (see below), did I miss anything? It is not really working. I try to locate the issue...

vlan 1 disable name „Vlan1“

vlan 10
ip interface „vlan-10“ address mask vlan 10
Vlan 10 port default 1/5

Vlan 20
ip interface „vlan-20“ address mask vlan 20
Vlan 20 port default 1/10

vlan 10 802.1Q 1/3

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Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: Two VLAN one trunk

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Where is your trunk?
What traffic should the pfSense regulate? Only to external? between vlan 10 and 20 as well?

If you want to transport vlan 10 and 20 to pfSense on port 1/1:
vlan 10 802.1q 1/1
vlan 20 802.1q 1/1

In this case you should not configure IPs on the switch (it would happily route between the vlans) but configure that on the pfsense.

Do a drawing of what you want to achive
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