Running 6855 as a DHCP server

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Running 6855 as a DHCP server

Post by cdstruth »

Just a quick question regarding running the 6855 as a DHCP server. Is this possible, and if so, how is it done?

I've read in some of the other postings that it can be done but requires a dhcp.conf file to be created and added to the switch (as opposed to config via the GUI). If that is the case, is there a resource that can help define the contents of the DHCP.conf file? Is it possible to config different address scopes per VLAN?

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Re: Running 6855 as a DHCP server

Post by silvio »

You find your answers in the "OmniSwitch AOS Release 6 Network Configuration Guide" for 6.4.3 (search with 6855 and configuration at ... ge=Landing) and also at viewtopic.php?f=191&t=15546.
I haven't tested it with 6855 but hope that is the same like at 6850.
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Re: Running 6855 as a DHCP server

Post by jlettinck »

You can indeed define multiple DHCP scopes. As long as the scope finds an IP interface it can match to. Attached is an example dhcp config file from a switch. All the switches support the DHCP server function.

Found out that the DHCP server also supports Option 43 and Option 60 for ip phones and accesspoints. Very usefull in smaller deployments.
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Re: Running 6855 as a DHCP server

Post by Nerdbert »

Hi folks,

i already studied my ACFE learning material but couldnt find a lab for configuring a dhcp server. Unfortunally all the .confs are already offline.
Is there any guide etc. in order to configure a dhcp server on my 6855 for lab purposes? I also need to provide option 43 in order to give some APs the IP Adress of the WLC.

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Running 6855 as a DHCP server

Post by EightBup »

yes but i delivered ip address with mac address specific, just when the pxe server runs.
Donc, its difficult.

Else, in my novell dhcp server, what must i write ?
Its sensible.

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