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by byronwak
18 May 2019 18:19
Forum: Beginner's questions about the (4400 / Enterprise) PHONE APPLICATION or OPERATING SYSTEM
Topic: License maens
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License maens

I refer to it as a permit myself, but I see where youre coming from. License or CWFL from now on.

by byronwak
15 May 2019 15:02
Forum: Shelf
Topic: Software Upgrade on OXE
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Software Upgrade on OXE

Can I do the software upgrade myself if I already have an ESS OBDII cable? Or do I need to visit you?
by byronwak
14 May 2019 16:35
Forum: Passive Communication Server
Topic: Pcscopy failed
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Pcscopy failed

I have upgrade to 8.01 and i cannot access administration page.
When i put the password i get the authentication failed message.
I can reset the password?
by byronwak
13 May 2019 10:45
Forum: Specific Telephone Services
Topic: Config iptouch via telnet
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Config iptouch via telnet

Hi all,

Is in V6. I find the way to set the paramater with the Idenfifier

N_Ident, is my Identifier that I already get the code.
V_Valor, the value that I want.

TopDoc.Parameters & System.Convert.ToStringN_Ident.SetConvertedValueV_Valor,mm

Best Regards,
FlГЎvio Ruivo
by byronwak
12 May 2019 13:57
Forum: OmniVIsta 3600 Air Manager
Topic: License for Omnivista 3600
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License for Omnivista 3600

Thanks. Appreciate the reply. That worked for a new install, however, for clients that used a standalone license previously, will they need to be re-installed?
by byronwak
11 May 2019 18:40
Forum: OmniSwitch 6400
Topic: How to split multicast network
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How to split multicast network

Apologies for re-using this thread. I think my query doesnt need to start a new one.

Im keen in doing the reverse, whats the easiest way to merge .VOB files?
by byronwak
04 May 2019 14:20
Forum: Beginner's questions about the OmniPCX OFFICE
Topic: OmniPCX Office - Console cable question
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OmniPCX Office Console cable question

How to upload a file "max size 2GB" to "cloud" provider that does not require registration/account from console/bash?
by byronwak
03 May 2019 16:17
Forum: OXO - System Documentation
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Dear All,

If I forget the roots password of Linux AS 4 then how can I recover or reset it.

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