Test TCP connection from console

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Test TCP connection from console

Post by luca_ge »

Hi all,
I need some help to understand if is possible test tcp connections from a particular interface on the cli of AOS 6.7. On Cisco switches if I have some IP interfaces and I need to test the connection from one of them to a destination address on a port like for example TCP/443 I can do it with:

telnet <DST IP> 443 /source-interface <intf>

Is there a way to do the same with an Alcatel-Lucent switch? I checked the ip managed interface command but it doesn't suit and also telnet is limited on only ports above 1024.



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Re: Test TCP connection from console

Post by silvio »

for the source-interface there is a command:

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-> ip service source-ip IF1 telnet
-> show ip service source-ip
But to change the port.... I haven't any idea.
With R8-Switches all should be possible but with R6 I doubt it.

You can try to open a SR at ALE.

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