LACP load balancing

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LACP load balancing

Postby Wil » 03 Jul 2013, 11:53


I have 2 1Gb ethernet ports in LACP/802.3ad to an Ubuntu server. The Ubuntu server has LACP/802.3ad configured and is able to transmit outbound at ~1.8Gb/s successfully, but, after trying many options, it can only receive at 1Gb/s.

After reading through many posts on this forum, I can tell that my server is only receiving data on one of the interfaces (whichever one the 7750 sets as primary).

Does anyone know how you change the hashing mechanism so that the SR will send on both interfaces?


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Re: LACP load balancing

Postby mivens » 04 Jul 2013, 11:29

It depends the nature of your traffic but if you haven't enabled it, you might like to try

configure system l4-load-balancing

Take a look at the section "LAG and ECMP Hashing" in the SR OS Interface Configuration Guide for how the hashing works for various types of traffic and the various options available.

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